Project Description

Client:  First A.M.E. Housing Association

Project Type:  Family Affordable Housing

Units:  97 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom units in Phase 1

Households Served:  Families, large households

Status:  Preconstruction

Lotus is providing full service real estate development services for First A.M.E. Housing (FAME Housing),  a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has its roots in the Central District where it has owned and operated rental housing properties for the past fifty-two years.  FAME Housing is redeveloping the existing 58-unit Bryant Manor, a 1.77 acre site at 18th & E. Yesler Way in the heart of the Central District – a neighborhood that has gone from over 70% African American in the 1970s to less than 18% in 2020.  Phase 1 of this two-phased project will replace three existing buildings with new construction of 97-units of family rental housing in seven stories, with ground floor common area, offices and resident amenities and a space for a small early childhood education facility.

Primarily targeted to families who have been uprooted or at risk of displacement from their historical community, the project’s highest priorities are to combat gentrification’s effects on large families of color and to provide them with a healthy, affordable and culturally enriching context in which to thrive.

Rendering courtesy of Environmental Works Design Center