Project Description

Infrastructure supporting Economic Development

A unique infrastructure project on the remote northwest coast of Washington state, this commercial fishing dock is integral to the economic livelihood of the Makah Tribe and the entire region. More than 90 different tribal and non-tribal commercial fishing businesses depend on the dock to offload more than $7 Million worth of fish each year. The dock was in a badly deteriorated state in 2013 when a collapsed causeway threatened its complete closure. Replacement of the 200 foot long dock required significant marine work and the construction of a new ice house and five commercial cranes for vessel loading and unloading. The effort required a creative financing strategy that included the use of New Markets Tax Credits and significant investment from the Makah Tribe. Despite the monumental challenges of coastal marine construction in this area, the development team succeeded in completing design, permitting, bid and construction in a single year.

Client: Makah Tribe

Year Completed: 2014

Design Engineer: Berger ABAM

Contractor: Manson Construction


Lotus Team role: Finance strategy development for New Markets Tax Credits (Michelle Morlan at National Development Council)